Baby Girl – 22 weeks

Hello my sweet girl-

How far along?  22 weeks
Total weight gain/measurements: I have gained a total of 15 pounds so far, some days I can tell that I have gained weight and I am definitely showing a belly.
Sleep: I still go to bed pretty early. I can say this week has not been too bad regarding exhaustion. I have had a lot of energy. I have noticed that I can’t really sleep in anymore and I have gotten much better at napping since I was pregnant with your brother. All is all this week was really good!
Best moment this week:  This week I had my glucose tolerance and anemia test. Both of which has come back normal. Yay. With your brother I had a positive first glucose test so I had to do more testing which in the end turned out negative. So if you had anything to do with the first test being normal, thank you! I have also felt a lot more kicks from you this week too! You are kicking me as I write this sentence <3<3!
Miss anything? I don’t really miss anything. I would have to say with the zika outbreak in the warmer climates it really limits our traveling abilities. We haven’t taken a real vacation since our honeymoon which has been over 3 years ago. I would say that I miss traveling! But I would never risk going to an area with zika so travel will have to wait for your arrival! We are thinking of going to Kauai in January 2019 with you and your brother joining along.
Movement: YES! I have felt lots of movement this week. I know your dad has felt a few of them on my belly! Your brother doesn’t quite get that you are going to be coming but I think by the time you arrive he will understand a little bit better! I know he will be a great brother! He is very sweet, gentle and loving!
Food cravings: This week I have really craved pizza! And I really like salty and then to balance it I have to have something sweet!
Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope.
Gender: You are a sweet baby girl!
Labor signs: None.
Symptoms: No symptoms, I can tell my belly has grown. My ventral hernia is getting more difficult to keep pressure on it the bigger you grow. It will be interesting on how this plays out. I may have to tape it or find a band that is smaller. We will see…
Belly button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On.
Happy or moody most of the time: I have been very happy this week. Our business is doing great! I think we have found someone to take my place during my maternity leave so that is a good stress reliever! I just feel really good this week!
Looking forward to: I have started buying clothes for you and let me tell you, the girl clothes are so cute! Tu-tus and flowers and pretty is so much fun! Your room is coming along. I am loving the wildflower theme. I think it suits you and our family! I can’t wait to meet you! Keep growing and getting bigger!

One thought on “Baby Girl – 22 weeks

  1. Thanks for the update. Your mom told me about your hernia which I didn’t know about. Good luck with that sweet lady and I hope work isn’t to difficult with it. Love you!


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