Graham – 21 months

My little love bug-20180513_143034_002_01.jpg

YOU ARE GOING TO BE A BIG BROTHER! We are expecting a little girl on December 7th! We can’t be more excited! You will be such a good big brother!


I can’t believe you are 21 months old! Where does the time go! Your personality is coming out more and more! I love it, you are such a sweet boy. I will be sitting on the couch and you will run up to me and give me a hug and say HI! (over and over again) It is simply the cutest! You even do it with Dad, Nan, and grandma! You also love saying ‘good morning’ too! The beginning of May you had a lot of extra time with Nan. She came to watch you until we found a nanny. I know that she loved every second with you! You really got to know each other! You love to repeat a lot of the words/saying we say like silly boy and big boy and naughty boy, lol! We let you watch a limited amount of TV/Ipad time and you seems to gravitate toward the cartoon Peppa Pig. She is a little pig and its about her and her family. You also love to watch this truck show called Stinky and Dirty. Its about a garbage truck and a loader and the trials and tribulations that friends have. Both shows are pretty cute and you learn from them. You really are not interested in Little Baby bums any longer. These last three months you have really changed in eating. You are still a vegetarian but you seem to change on a daily basis what you like. It is so hard to keep up with it! One day you will love blue berries and the next day you won’t touch them. Same goes from mangoes, pineapple and cantelope…I hope you won’t be a picky eater! You love peanut butter sandwiches(with jelly and or bananas), popcorn, applesauce, meatless chicken nuggets, french fries, potatoes, squash, meatless tofu sausage, lasanga, pancakes, french toast, eggs, toast, crackers and hummus…oh and pizza….you love pizza!! We are starting to talk to you more and more about the potty. We almost always know when you are pooping you are in the crouch/squat position and grunting, hehe! Peeing is a different story but in July you started waking up with dry diapers after naps so we want to start showing and talking more about the potty. Plus, we would like for you to be potty trained before your sister comes to visit. I recently bought you some pull up, which you seem to like more than your diapers. You still love to be read too. We read to you every night. Some of your favorite books are The Big Red Barn, The Little Blue Truck books(3), Quick as a Cricket, The Very Bad Bunny(your dad’s old book when he was little), Peppa Pig Adventure books(5) and the Great Green Room to name a few. You still love to be outside and you are definitely a boys boy. You love your trucks and cars. You still like playing with chalk but not as much as you use too. You would rather go explore or play with one of your trucks or cars. Mom bought you a scooter and a tricycle but you would rather push them then sit/stand on them. I know that you will eventually use them. We have a small plastic pool that you love to play in. You love to splash and blow bubbles. You are like a fish in water! Teaching you to swim will be easy I think. We also have a sand box that you like playing in but its hard for you to understand in order to play in the sand box the sand has to stay in the box. lol, you like to scoop it on to the cement;) At this point you can say all of the ABC’s and you can sing the ABC song even the ending (next time won’t you sing with me). You can also sing Twinkle Twinkle and BINGO and Itsy Bitsy Spider. Debbie our old but new nanny is teaching you more songs everyday. She is amazing and we are so glad we rehired her!! She is so good to you! She takes you to the grocery store, her house, the park, beach and takes you on walks almost every day! I know that you love it!

You are definitely getting closer to the “terrible” twos…you have started throwing tantrums. But it is sooo cute…you super man dive on the floor and then roll over to make sure we are watching you and you scream and cry….the good thing is that it doesn’t last long and it doesn’t happen very often. You also have been biting your nails (fingers and toes) We are always telling you to get you hands out of your mouth. I hope you don’t bite your nails its not a good habit. Mom use to bite her nails but was able to stop on her own but dad still does.

July 4th week we went back to Wisconsin to visit family and friends. You had a blast with Gunner and Gemma. All three of you were screaming and playing by running in and out of the formal dinning room at Nan’s house. It was so cute I have never heard you scream like that before. It was nice that you all played so well together. We went to the Skemp Farm to watch the fireworks and you played in the back of Pop’s pick up truck with your cousins and had a blast running back and forth! Not too interested in the fireworks but that was okay. We also say Grandma and Pop in Milwaukee. We took you to a little kiddie pool where we literally ran after you while you splashed in the pool. You love water!! We also saw some of Mom’s best friends. We went and played with Leslie and her two boys Grayson and Ari. They were a little more rambunctious than you are (they are older) but you loved playing with all of the trucks and cars they had. You also went to visit Jackie and her two boys, Beau and Warren. We swam in there pool. When we first got there you were very shy and stayed out of the water but then once the pool cleared you started jumping into the pool all by yourself….over and over and over again! No fear! I loved watching you! Triffina, Mom’s good friend, came to see you when we were there! She couldn’t believe how much you have grown!

You can see that we had a busy first part of the summer! I love you more than words! I can’t believe I have such a sweet, smart and curious little boy! You are my heart, I love you!



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