Graham – 18 months

My love bug –Snapchat-8881947

You are my sweetest little boy. You are so smart! You know all of your ABC’s. You can count to 100! You can recognize small words like mom, dad, nan, pop when they are written. You are also talking up a storm. You like to repeat what we say alot. You can even recognize animals and what they say…dog says woof! You are just starting to get a little personality. You are very easy going. You don’t make much of a fuss! Of course, sometimes when we want you to go inside from playing outside and you don’t want too, we hear about it. You just sit down and get upset! I don’t ever see a tear but you show that you are made! You love to play with chalk outside. You are really good at making strike marks on the ground. You always ask mom and dad to draw ovals, circle, suns and trees. You love for us to draw numbers and letters and shapes with chalk and then you walk over to them and almost check them off. It is soo cute and it proves how smart you are!! You are like a sponge! You also love to be read too. Your favorite books are these small baby books about colors, touch and feel books, Pout Pout fish ABC book, Chicka chicka boom boom, numbers books and I love you night and day. You are a pretty good sleeper. You are still nursing, again, I never thought that I would nurse you this long but it just works for us! Its not much only at night and mornings. I love our special time together. You love to take baths and showers. We have some foam like ABC/123 letters that you love to stick to the wall and say over and over. Again, its just why you are so live and breath learning and it comes so natural to you. In the mornings you love to eat toast with peanut butter and bananas. Eggs with tofu sausage and oatmeal. You love gold fish! We buy it in bulk at costco! Yes, you are still vegetarian! Honestly, you barley even eat cheese and we don’t give you any milk. You still drink nut milk (almond and cashew mixed milk) You love drinking water and it is extremely rare that you get apple juice(that I water down).

We will be having some visitors for Easter. Grandma and Papa and Alana will be flying from WI to visit us. They will stay for 4-5 days. We are going to an Easter Egg hunt that we went to when you were about 8 months old and you were pretty unsure of what it was. This time you had much more fun. There was a petting zoo with a few animals. You liked to just look. But they had a bunch of games that you loved playing with. Bricks that you could stack and knock down and a large connect four game…you were in heaven.  When it came time to sit on the Easter bunnies lap, you were not having it. I barely could get a photo of you on his lap. You had so much fun with Grandma and Papa and Alana. They spoiled you! At the end of April we are going to North Carolina for your great great uncle Toby (who passed away about 10 years ago from brain cancer) golf outing. It is great way for us to catch up with the Skemp side of the family! They all loved meeting you and playing with you! Pop and Nan rented a house on the beach. You LOVED the ocean! You enjoyed the waves chasing you on the beach! You were so worn out after that outing! It was nice to see everyone and celebrate Toby’s life!

We also have to look for another nanny. Debbie had a hernia repair and couldn’t lift you and she also needs more time for her kids over the summer. So Nan came back with us from NC to watch you for a couple weeks until we could find a new nanny! This is one of the most difficult things that I have to do is find someone that loves you and takes care of you as much as I do….which is impossible but I have to work for a few more months until we get a replacement at our business for me and then I hope to only work 2 days a week or so. Long story short it was nice to have Nan take such good care of you but in the end we did choose a new nanny named Taylor. I hope she does such a good job taking care of you! It would break my heart if she doesn’t!

I love watching you grow and learn. I love you so much, words can’t even describe!