Graham – 15 months

To my love, Graham- You are one smart little boy! You catch on so quickly! You can already say and acknowledge a handful of letters and numbers. Right now you can say A, D, F, O, S, T, X, and Z. For numbers you can say 5, 6, 7, 9, and 10. You can tell me what a cow says and what a duck says. You are only 15 months. This type of knowledge is with a 3-4 year old. You love to see and play with letters and numbers. I want you to know that we are not pushing you to learn anything. You just pick it up so quickly and easily! Its funny when you are just relaxing if your crib we can hear you saying letters and numbers to yourself. You are so smart and I am so so proud of you! You are such a busy body. The only time you are still is when you are watching nursery rhymes on our Ipad. Watching you, it seems that you are always working. You love to push everything! I bought you a battery powered four wheeler and you don’t like riding it but you love to push it! In fact you love to push most things…even your mom! Its the cutest thing because you can’t communicate you get behind me and push me where you want me to go with you. You are such a boy too. Love to play in puddles and you don’t mind getting dirty, which I encourage. You are also not afraid of much. You test all boundaries. You will run anywhere and in any direction. You climb all over the couches. You have even climbed out of your crib and fell to the floor(time for us to lower your mattress). It barely phased you! You have bumps and bruises demonstrating how rough and tumble you are. In that same breath, you are such a sweet boy too. You love to give kisses and be cuddled! You are still nursing but only in the mornings and at night. I never imagined that I would nurse this long but it just seems to work and I love those moments with you! Plus, it gives you a lot of good nutrients! You had the tubes put into your ears January 6th 2017. The surgery was like 15 minutes and since then you have slept better and (if its possible) been even happier than before. I am glad that we did the surgery and you have never looked back. We had Christmas back in Wisconsin, again. It was a quick week long trip. You were spoiled by both families! You are just getting the hang of tearing wrapping paper to get to your gifts. You don’t really understand that there is a gift inside it. Your presents consisted of a play farm, books, puzzles and clothes. You loved your great Grandmother, Arlene and Harlo house. They have a large foyer and you ran back and forth, back and forth. Not sure what you like about that area but you were drawn to that area!  You were a pleasure to travel with. The key was in the airport we just let you run in the airport to wear of an extra energy. You enjoyed watching us take off and land! You love going to one of several recreation centers in Virginia. They have a huge pool, with a large kiddy area that has fountains in it. You love the fountains! YOU LOVE THE WATER! I am so happy that you love the water so much! I can’t wait until summer so we can enjoy the beach again! I know that I say this almost every post but you are the light of my life! I wake up every morning thinking of you and go to sleep every night thinking of you! I can’t really express into words what you mean to me but you truly are a gift and I enjoy so so much watching you learn and grow every single day!

Height 31.5 inches

Weight 26 lbs

Teeth: 12, four front teeth(upper and lower), four molars (middle upper and middle lower)

I love watching you grow and learn. I can’t image what you will achieve by my next entry. You will be 18 months!

I love you,