Graham – One year

dec 2017 776

Happy birthday my love!!!! You are a year old, oh my goodness! Where did the time go! It flew by! You are the best little boy. I could not have asked for a better son! You are seriously the light of my life! When you came along you flipped my world but in the best way possible! I love watching you grow and learn. You are very coordinated for your age and you learn quickly. You are very independent but when mom is nearby you feel very safe testing your boundaries! You love to play with bouncy balls. You love to throw EVERYTHING…baseball player maybe?? Haha. You are too cute. You will be running down our hallway towards the living room. Dad and I will be on the couch and you will run in and smile the biggest smile….like ta-da, here I am…look at me!! It is cute! You love to play with your vtech train set. It has a tunnel and you to push things through to the other side. So smart! You can say da da da, la, ba, ta! It is so cute because you look at me and say da, ba, ta and you think that I understand you because I respond to you like, yeah, go on, I understand….I love it! We kinda have our own language:) You love to sing and be sung too.

You dislike: Sleeping and napping. I think its because you don’t want to miss anything! I still love you so so much!!

Achievements: You have achieved so much in a year! You walked by 9 1/2 months. You have eaten only a vegetarian diet. You still breast feed as i am writing this. You have had 5 ear infections so we are in the process for scheduling you for ear tube surgery. I think it will help you sleep and prevent any more ear infections! You can say Da and Ma. You love ot sing and be sung too! You love music and watching nursery rhymes.  You can feed yourself pretty much anything…but you are a disaster after. Dad doesn’t like when you get dirty. Mom loves it! You can drink from a sippy cup and a camelbak water bottle. You have only had water and breast milk at this point. I don’t think we are going to give you soda or juice. I guess I can’t stop Grandma’s from giving you some but Mom and Dad will not. It is just not good for you! You love to play at the park and will walk up to any kid and just stand there looking at them. It’s so funny because they don’t understand why you are just standing there not saying anything! You can go up and down stairs all by yourself. You are really good at it too! You love to play in the toilet. I usually let you watch/help me flush(as I hold your hands down so you won’t put your hands in the water). You seem so mesmerized by it! You love to be read too. We read 6 or more books to you every night before you go to bed. You poop almost like clock work. I can almost tell when you are going to poop…which will make potty training easy, I hope! Also, whether you pee or poop you are always in the crouching position. So funny!

Your birthday celebrating was fun! Unfortunately, it was just the three for us but it was still fun! Of course, I had a banner made, blew up balloons, made a cake with a little smash cake for you! You smashed the heck out of it! You got lots of gifts for you birthday like books, clothes and toys! That evening we had family pictures taken. They turned out amazing! You were a little ham! You are so happy!

Teeth: 8

Height: 31.5 inches

Weight: 25 lbs


Looking forward too: Since you turned one I am only going to post every three months until you are two years old, hopefully! Also, Mom and Dad created a time capsule for you to open up when you turn 21 years old. It should be interesting!! I look forward to watching you grew into a caring, considerate, brilliant, vegetarian/vegan young man! You are my greatest adventure and I am so glad to be your mother!

I love you,