Graham – Eleven Months

20170921_140444You love: To play with your bouncy balls in the hallway with Dad. He kicks it down the hallway and you love to run after it. You pick it up and run back to Dad and throw it to him(left handed). You are getting so coordinated. You have even started running forward and then stopping and running backwards. I don’t know too many 11 month olds that can do that. You are saying da da da a ton! I am not sure you correlate that with it being Dad but if you ask Dad he would say so! You have always been very vocal and you are starting to look at something and baby talk more. You still love to be sung too and read too! Lately your favorite books have been, Good Night Moon. But your Grandma Patti got you these Baby First books that you really like as well! You are starting to nurse less and less but still find comfort in it throughout the day. It is our special time together and I love it! You love to come into the bathroom with us! I even will let you help me flush and watch (no touching) the water flush down the toilet. You seem so interested! Lets hope you are this interested when it comes time to potty train! Mom got you these mega blocks to play with (they were suppose to be for your bday but I just couldn’t wait for you to play with them) you are very good with hand, eye coordination! You can build towers and you are not even a year old! Smart boy! I love to watch you accomplish this stuff! I clap and say yeahhhhh and you just smile with the look of triumph! We have started counting and saying colors with you. You look at me with such concentration when I am showing you a yellow cup and saying it in English and Spanish. I have to be honest I am not very good at saying Spanish words even though I took 4 years of Spanish!! But we are learning together! You love water…any water! Ocean, pool, bath, and sprinkler in our backyard. I am so glad that you like it so much because I do too! You love to go for bike rides and walks in the stroller! I wouldn’t say that you love to sleep but Mom and Dad turned the volume really low for the monitor and you have started sleeping through the night! Sometimes you wake up around 3 but you quickly realize its still sleep time and put yourself back to sleep. We took you to a jump park for the first time and you loved it! People were asking how old you were because you were walking over these pads so well they couldn’t believe that you were only 11 months! So coordinated! I can’t wait to see what sports you will be in when you are older! I know that you will be a star! We also took you to the air show in Virginia Beach but it was really loud and Mom didn’t think it was an appropriate place for a toddler. You also met some of the blue angels that actually fly the jets, Dad really enjoyed this!

You dislike: You don’t enjoy getting ready for bed. Its a struggle to put your clothes on but that seems to be getting better! You are hot and cold when it comes to food. One night we made sauteed mushrooms and you loved them! The next day you wanted nothing to do with them. Some times I have to trick you into eating something I know you love like yogurt, just for you to eat it! Silly boy! We are still raising you vegetarian and even though we give you yogurt and some cheese we have decided not to give you cows milk after we are through with breast milk and breast feeding. I feel cows milk is really bad for you, especially since we really have no idea all the medications the cows get when they are on the farm! I have a storage of breast milk and when that is gone and we are done breast feeding you will be getting calcium fortified hemp milk. Not sure how you will like it but its better for you! Mom and Dad cook with and drink almond milk but you need more protein and calcium than that offers. Naps….not your favorite thing to do. It sometimes is a challenge to get two naps in because you will start off nursing but then quickly want to get up and play. Some times I have to just put you in your crib and let you cry it out otherwise you would be so grumpy!

Achievements: After a few face plants you are getting so good at going out our front door. It’s a big step down for a toddler so I am proud that you are learning so quickly and not always turning to Mom and Dad to be carried out. You have learned to stack your mega blocks. You and Dad build tall towers and you always love to push it so it falls. You love to hear it crash! You are getting better at feeding yourself food, although sometimes you just like to push it to the edge of your high chair and then watch it fall off! Of course, saying da da da but what happened to ma ma ma?! You use to say that all the time! I can’t wait to hear you talk and ask why why why. Another thing that you are getting so good at is walking with shoes on! You use to trip a lot but now you barely ever fall!

Teeth: 8

Height: 31 inches

Weight: 25 lbs

Looking forward too: Hearing you talk more and more! Watching you grow and become a little boy! Not too fast…I always love my snuggles from you! I can’t believe you are almost one…MAYBE it’s about time for a little brother and sister.

I love you,


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