Graham – Ten Months


You love: To run, sing, blow raspberries! You love to run up and down our hallway chasing after your football and bouncy balls. You are usually screaming in excitement when doing so. It is so so cute! You still love the vibrating door stops and our rug at the front door. It is like a routine everyday you make your rounds to the door stops down to the rug. I recently put shoes on your feet(size 4, and they are alittle big) I don’t think that you like them much but you will get use to them. We have a gate at the bottom of our stairs and everyday you have to go check it out. You stand there and shake it, hoping that it will topple over so you can climb the stairs. Well this particular day, I went up stairs to quickly get dressed. No more than two minutes and I heard you shake the gate but I didn’t think anything of it. As I am about to come down the stairs, I realize that you are at the very TOP of the stairs! My heart stopped! You could have fallen all the way down the stairs and really hut yourself! I am so glad nothing happened!! Lesson learned Mom…don’t leave Graham alone! Another crazy story about you is that the townhome that we live must have been built on a giant ant hill because all of the tenants have complained about ant infestation. So my mom told me about this poison called Terro. It comes in a plastic container. The ants go up and eat the poison and take it back to the nest and kill them all. Well since you are into everything I tried my best to hide it with your high chair and a towel but nooooo. I wasn’t watching you for two seconds and you whipped the towel off and found the container and proceded to pour it our all over you and the floor. When I found you the container was actually in your mouth!!! I freaked! I checked your face and didn’t find any of the really sticky poison anywhere but I literally threw you in the kitchen sink and started washing you off and removing your clothes! I almost called poison control but you didn’t eat any of it! Thank goodness!

You dislike: You seem to be nursing a little less and eating more and more solid foods. The last month you really were picky on the solid foods but this month you are much more adventurous! Still not very good at wanting to feed yourself. When I place crackers or cut up cheese on your tray you like to swipe it on to the floor. So I have to feed you piece by piece! You will get it! We just keep trying:) You still wake up and cry between midnight and 3am, ugh. At this point I really try not to come in and get you because I know you are safe, dry and fed. You just have to learn to put yourself back to sleep. Once you are 11 months I think the night feedings will stop, we will see!

Achievements: Getting use to wearing shoes. Getting better at sleeping longer through the nights. You really like the beach. When the tide it out there is an anwesome sand bar that is really shallow and it creates this little tide pools for you to play in, you love it! You are getting better at walking in sand!

Teeth: still 7 teeth, four on top and three on bottom; I can see the bottom left is going to break through any day…

Height: 29.5 in

Weight: 24 lbs

Looking forward too: Going back to Wisconsin for a week an a half. Hope you do as well as you did on our last plane ride. I can’t wait! Our last visit was a sad one due to my grandmother passing. Plus, you are walking now and that is exciting! I think that you are a wonderful, smart, bright, lovable, cuddly, sweet little boy! I can’t believe that your almost one! I enjoy being your mother every single day! When I come in your room to get you, you always greet me with the biggest smile! It melts my heart and I absolutely love it!

I love you,



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