Graham – Nine months


You love: To WALK! Yep, you are mobile! Dad and I are in trouble! You are into everything; the cabinets, drawers, toilets, chairs and you want to climb all over the couches and ottoman. You love to sing and you looooove to be sung too. Now since you can walk you really love to go to the park and play on the playground. You love turning all the toys and wheels on the playground. You still love watching your nursery rhymes on the Ipad and they have started to make you laugh. It is so cute! You love to be read too. you

You dislike: You have started becoming a picky eater. You love baby food but you are not to fond of trying new things any longer. You even push mom and dad’s hands away refusing to even try foods. Even so you are a great baby, very easy going! Something you need to stop doing is that you like to bite at my clothing when you get frustrated or are hungry…you have bitten me a couple times. I hope this doesn’t become a problem in the future! nom nom :/

Achievements: Walking! You are into all the cabinets and you especially love the pots and pans cabinet. They make a loud bang when you throw them on the floor, which you love to do! You have learned that there is water in the toilet. Any chance you get you stick your hand in and splash around! YUCK! You also have a fascination with rugs…especially the front door rug. It has longer strings on it! You will even go down a lay on it and play with the door stops. Too cute! You can pretty much drink from a cup. It can be a sippy cup where you have to tip it up and you can drink from straw type cup. Such a big boy! Of course, you prefer to drink out of whatever cup mom and/or dad are using. It is adorable! We spent the beginning of July in Wisconsin. We spent time visiting Meg in Milwaukee…you liked walking in her garden!

Teeth: 7 teeth, four on the top, three on the bottom!

Height: 29 in

Weight: 24 lbs

Looking forward too: Learning to stop yourself from falling on your butt so much! Seeing you get better coordinated when walking. You fall on your butt alot:) but you always get back up and try again! I can’t wait for you to start talking. It will make communication a lot easier!

I love you,