Graham – Eight months

june 2017 2296

You love: To sing and smile! This month we went to Wisconsin for 20 days and you did such a good job flying! Each time we took off you nursed and went to sleep. I was so stressed  but you were such a good baby! We had such a good time in Wisconsin. We visited a lot of family. You loved the parade in Menominee Falls. You also really loved the fire works. You got to meet your cousins Gunner and Gemma for the second time. You had so much fun playing with them in the toy room and the blanket tent we made in the formal dining room. Gunner loves to make you laugh and you think he is so so funny. You are so interested in Gemma, although she is not ready to play quite as rough as Gunner is. You have a fascination with her.

You dislike: Since we were out of our routine you have regressed in sleeping 😦 So now that we are back in Virginia it is sleep training all over again. Some nights you are really easy to put to sleep and some nights you fight it. I am sure it won’t last but it sure is frustrating.

Achievements: You have taken 3-4 steps but not walking quite yet. You are getting much stronger. You can scoot right along side the couch and crawl all over the place. You don’t stop moving! I literally can’t sit down 🙂 We went to the park while in Milwaukee with my BFF Leslie and her two boys Greyson and Ari. You loved the park…crawled all over it!

You also got your third ear infection while in Wisconsin, poor little boy! It is miserable watching you not be able to breath! Another antibiotic…you were still a happy little boy regardless!

Teeth: 4, two top and two bottom!

Height: 28 in

Weight: 23 lbs

Looking forward too: Walking….well maybe, you are already into everything…can it get worse? I hope not! Also I can’t wait to hear you say mama and actually mean me…I think you sometimes know but then others I am not too sure.

20170105_163658**In remembrance of Great Grandma, Arlene L. Scott: We miss you, love you and will never forget you! I will cherish this picture as long as I live!

I love you,