Graham – Seven Months


You love: To pull yourself up and stand. You even like to let go and really stand on your own. You can go 10-15 seconds without having to steady yourself. I can’t believe it! You have even taken a step towards me but soon fall. We became members to the Virginia Beach recreation centers this month, which is great because they have play areas for you and swimming pools with a zero to 1 foot entrance. You love to swim! Each time we go you get more and more courageous! You have dunked your face, try to walk, play with the fountains/sprinklers and sit without mom holding you! You love to see what mom and dad are doing in the kitchen and you have found the cabinet doors. You haven’t learned how to open and pull out what is inside but you are very close. I will need to baby proof some of our cabinets now. You have discovered the stairs also! You do such a good job going up but you don’t know how to go down at all and you are pretty fearless and just decide to go head first down the stairs…mom purchased a baby gate to prevent any head damage you may want to cause yourself, haha at least until you figure it out! Towards the end of the month YOU have finally LEARNED TO NAP and YOU LOVE IT! You have also mastered this month to sleep in your crib from 8pm- 4am. Thank goodness! It didn’t take long either…a couple nights of letting you cry for 15-20 minutes and you had it mastered. You are going to be so smart!

You dislike: Getting dressed! It is a struggle for mom and dad to get you dressed and put on a cloth diaper! You just want to go-go-go! So we either have to double team you ie; mom gets you ready and dad distracts you or we have to just hold ya down and get it done as quickly as we can! I am proud to say that sleeping is no longer a dislike! So mom and dad give you new foods to try weekly. One evening we had crab cakes. Mom thought it would be a good idea to give you a little taste, well a couple little tastes. NOT a good idea!!! You broke out in a rash all over your belly and back about a half an hour after! (pictures) You didn’t seem bothered by it but the rash got worse before it got better so mom called your pediatricians office and they just said to monitor you and if you have any facial swelling and/or breathing difficulty to bring you to the ER. Thank goodness that you didn’t have any of those symptoms but looks like you may have a shellfish allergy :(. The doctor said we will investigate that more once you turn one but no more shellfish!

Achievements: SLEEPING and NAPPING in your crib!!! Pulling yourself up to stand. You can say mom but its really only when you are sad that you say it. You don’t mind when we dunk your head under the water! You are a dare devil and you like to push the limits…you have fallen down some stairs and have fallen off the bed! You cry for mom and few seconds you are back at it again. You move so fast!!

Teeth: 2, drooling has stopped, yay!

Height: 27.5 in

Weight: 23 lbs

Looking forward too: Taking a few more steps, to communicate with you using the sign language that I am teaching you. Saying mom and dad.

Someday you will be too big for my lap but never my heart! You are such a funny, cute, cuddly, precious little boy! I can already tell that you will have a big heart! I love being your mom!

I love you,


Graham – Six months


You love: TO CRAWL, yes…you are mobile…watch out world! You love to play with the door stops in our townhome. In fact you “make your rounds” by going to three that are in the same area several times a day! It is so so cute! You love to play with your vtech cars still but now you are able to understand and enjoy that they are cars and they move on our wood floor. There is also a rainbow ring toy that has a red top that you like to throw and watch how it hits the floor…exciting! Also Grandma Patti had purchased you some Tupperware buckets that when hit the floor they spin and move and you really like that! You like to try to drink water out of a glass even though you are not the greatest at it. I bought you a sippy cup and all you want to do it bite it instead of drink out of it! You love to pull yourself up to your stationery jumper and play with the toys while you stand there. You love to watch nursery rhymes on my ipad.  We joke that you are a zombie when the “toons” come on because you just stare at the screen in amazement!! You love going to the beach and playing/eating sand…hahah! You love the ocean and can easily fall asleep to the crashing waves! We also purchased a front facing bike seat on my bike for you to ride bikes with us! First trip you loved and when we got to the board walk on the ocean you easily fell asleep in my arms!

You dislike: SLEEPING! I am trying my best to get you to sleep on a schedule and for longer than 30 minutes but this month you seem determine to fight me tooth and nail! You love to sleep with mom and dad but that needs to change as well! Nana was here visiting  and she and mom tried to sleep train you which didn’t work well! I just hate hearing you cry even though I know you are safe, dry, fed and tired!! We will try again once Nana is gone and I can really focus on it for several nights in a row.

Achievements: Mastered crawling! Now you can pull yourself up from a sitting position to standing. I think you will be walking soon!! eeekkkk

Teeth: 2

Height: 27.4 inches

Weight: 22 lbs

Head circumference:

Looking forward too: Hearing you use Mama more…I think that you associate it with me but it is not something that you say a lot but maybe once a day. Of course, saying da-da too!

Except for sleeping you are such a good baby! You only cry when you need something! This makes my job as mom so much easier! You are my sweet little boy and I can’t believe that you are already 6 months! Time flies when you are having fun!

I love you,