Graham – Five months


You love: ¬†You love to be tickled and mom really does it the best. It is so cute! I love your laugh. You love your mirror/rattle toy. You love to have a conversation with me even though I have no idea what you are saying! Babble, babble, babble! And you love to blow your own raspberries, even when your eating, silly boy. You have started to love food but this month has been a little rough on you because of your bilaterally ear infections. I decided to put the food on hold for the majority of this month until you were feeling better. You really love these banana rice cookie things that dissolve quickly. You really really really love to sleep with mom and dad! I secretly love it too! However, we need to work on that. You love to bounce in your bouncy chair! You have learned that you can jump and jump in it. You still love your Vtech toy cars. Your are still a droolie boy and that is probably because you got your first tooth! I can’t believe it! Even the doctor was surprised because you are still so young! Adrianna and I took you to your first aquarium/museum in Virginia. You absolutely loved it! You were looking all around at everything and seemed to take all of it in. You are getting to have such a personality, I love to see you grow and learn!

You dislike: Napping for more than 30 minutes, sleeping has never been your strong suit! I don’t know why because both your mom and dad love to sleep. You very very much dislike the penicillin we have to give you. It taste like bubble gum….but you seem to gag and spit it out unless we are quick and tricky about giving it to you. It’s for your own good sweetie!

Achievements: You are crawling! Which means I have to start baby proofing the house! You also got your first tooth and I see another one about to break through! You also got over your first, hopefully only, bilateral ear infection!

Teeth: 1!! Bottom front tooth:)

Height: 27 in

Weight: 21 lbs

Head circumference: 17 in

Looking forward too: Seeing you getting better at crawling. Starting you back on baby food, now that you are feeling better! Sleeping in your crib, all night! Maybe saying da da or ma ma?!? Spending more time at the beach!

I love you,