Graham – Four months


You love: To play with these little Vtech cars that light up and make noise. You also love this toy soccer ball your aunt Jackie bought you. It sings songs and counts and you smile so much when playing with it. You love to suck on your fingers but will pretty much suck on anything:) You are still drooling so much. I haven’t felt any teeth yet but I am hoping the drooling slows down because you go through 5+ bibs a day!! You love to nurse! You have started recognizing that I have to pull my shirt up to feed you. So when you are hungry you have started pulling on my shirt.

You dislike: Your crib. You would be fast asleep and the moment you feel your back hitting the crib mattress you wake right up! So we have safely co-slept for the majority of this month. You sleep so well next to me and of course, I love it, even though I don’t get the best nights sleep. At the end of the month I started giving you some sweet potato and banana baby food at night time. You aren’t really sure what to do and spit the majority of it out. However, we will keep trying because I know that you will like it someday.

Achievements: At this point you can roll from your back to your belly but not the reverse. And you can lift up your upper body up off the ground…such a strong boy. You can sit up all by yourself with very little help. You make more and more eye contact. You smile and we have heard many giggles. I have heard from many people that you are advanced in many achievements only being 4 months old. You still “fake” cough just to get our attention, so funny! You also hardly ever cry with tears. You make more of a screech noise to get our attention and if that doesn’t work after awhile you will make tears to show that you were serious! Too smart!


Height: 26.5 inches

Weight: 20 pounds, no wonder my back hurts!

Head circumference: 18 inches

Looking forward too: Seeing you starting to crawl. Eating more baby food. I am going to start teaching you sign language so we can communicate better. Sleeping in your crib through most of the night.

Four months old already!! I have loved every minute of it!

I love you,