Graham – Three months


You love: To talk to mom, well more like babble. You are so vocal! It is so cute! You love to suck on your fingers, hands, wrists, arms, pretty much anything you can put in your mouth. You are a very drooly boy too. You love to be held and talked too. You are definitely a mamma’s boy, which of course I love! You have recently started just screeching out for no reason. You sometimes fake cough just to get attention. You are too funny!

You dislike: When we aren’t paying attention too you. You hate sleeping or napping unless mom is with you!

Achievements: You are barely 4 months old and are starting to roll. You have only rolled to the left and once you get on your belly you really don’t like it! You are so much more vocal! You scream, laugh and just babble, babble and babble! You love to kick. I lay you down on the ground in front of the couch, just so your feet touch the couch and you love to kick it and smile at me. You can sit up but not by yourself. You topple over easily. You love to stand up, of course, being held but I really feel like you want to just run! Don’t grow up too fast!

Favorite song: You don’t have a favorite quite yet. We sing Rock-a-bye-baby to you and itsy bitsy spider and you like classical music. You also like watching a nursery rhymes on you tube.

Teeth: 0, you are a very drooly boy!

Height: 25.5 inches

Weight: 17.5 pounds

Head circumference: 17 inches

Looking forward too: Hearing more giggling more often. I want to hear a big belly laugh from you! Watching you master the art of sitting up and maybe crawling….all in good time though. Maybe napping and sleeping better:}

Three months old already!! After taking most of my maternity leave back in Wisconsin, we finally returned to North Carolina on Jan 10th 2017. It is so nice to be home! The temperature is much more conducive for walks, which you love. You are so talkative! Getting so big and learning so fast! So glad I get to spend my days with you! You are my life!!

I love you,