Graham – Two months


You love: To be always be looking around (nosey rosey). I feel like you are taking it all in. You will be so smart because of this. You love to just lay on your back on your play mat and kick your legs and move your arms. You are constantly moving, even when you sleep. You are smiling more and more when you are being talked too. You are making more eye contact and responding with coo’s and chatter. Lots of chatter. You are not afraid to fart and your farts almost sound adult like (you get that from your father, haha). You might be mad at me for this one day but I took a video of you pooping…because your face and noises are hilarious! I want you to be able to look back and hopefully laugh too. I am breast feeding exclusively and you love to eat. When you are hungry you suck on everything and anything! You will nozzle and snort with your face planted into whomever chest is holding you. You also love bath time and getting your head rubbed. You even will play with your own hair when eating/sleeping. It is so cute!

You dislike: Still being swaddled and having hiccups. Recently, you will fight us to go to sleep. It is funny because you will be crying and fussing, and then the next second you will be asleep. It just happens so fast! Struggle is real! haha

Achievements: You are only 2 months old and you can already hold your head up. You love to be held so you are standing and your legs are so strong already. I think you will be crawling/walking early. You smile and talk when being talked too. You think it is the funniest thing when I blow air through my lips and touch your bottom lip/cheeks when I do it.

Favorite song: It is Christmas time and you really like Christmas music!

Teeth: 0, you have started drooling more.

Height: 24 inches

Weight: 16 pounds

Head circumference: 16 inches

Looking forward too: Hearing you giggle, you are so close to laughing but I haven’t quite heard it. I also think it will be very shortly and you will sitting up by yourself.

Two months old already!! My how time flies when you are having fun. Graham you are such a pleasure to take care of. You are the sweetest baby! It is my complete honor to be your mother.

I love you,


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