15 weeks

How far along?  15 weeks
Total weight gain/measurements: I still have kept off 7 lbs. Which I am very excited about. My pregnancy book says that I should eat 200-300 more calories during the second trimester. However, I know that I have not increased my eating because I started out with a little extra weight so I feel that I should be okay. I have a doctors appointment on April 12th 2016 so I will ask my doctor then.
Maternity clothes: I love maternity clothes! They are so comfortable! Wish I could wear them forever;) ……kidding!
Sleep: Still love it but I have pretty much gotten all my energy back. Finally back to working out on a regular basis.
Best moment this week: This week we found out what we are having…..drum roll………….
Miss anything? No not really, the usual a glass of wine and sushi.
Movement: I definitely felt some kicks while lying in bed. They are very subtle but I know they were from the baby and not bowel.
Food cravings: Smoothies….my favorite is the vegan mango kale from smoothie king. So good!
Anything making you queasy or sick? No. Still can’t drink coffee as much as I would like too.
Gender: It’s a BOY!
Labor signs: None.
Symptoms: Belly is growing! I can tell because it is getting more difficult to pick up something I dropped on the ground. Not that I can’t but it just feels like my belly is bigger and it gets in the way.
Belly button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or moody most of the time: This week I was happy and moody! Poor Rick…some times my moods get the best of me. Rick has expressed to me that he is nervous about being a father and that when I told him it was a boy it became more even more real. I am sure it is stressful for him but I know that he will be a great dad! I need to be more mindful about his feelings. I am sure it is hard not to be the one carrying and feeling the baby. He will develop his own special bond soon enough! I love you Rick!
Looking forward to: Putting our crib together for our little MAN! We purchased a beautiful crib from buy buy baby. We also bought a car seat for our vehicles. They were a good deal, couldn’t pass them up!
Days to go: 175
Baby development: Baby is the size of an apple. He is moving amniotic fluid through his respiratory tract. Eyelids are still fused shut but he can sense light. Taste buds are also forming.
April 2016 011
I am feeling great! I can’t wait to meet my little man! Can’t believe I am having a little boy! Already so in LOVE!

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