Very first ultrasound

Such a tiny little peanut. Can’t believe that in 8 months you are going to bless our lives with your presence. Mom and Dad are so excited to meet you. PS. Your uncle Chris says this ultrasound kinda looks like a little bunny:) Love it!First ultrasound picture


We’re Pregnant!

March 2016 014We found out we were pregnant during the week of January 13-18th 2016. Which was when my ‘aunt flow’ was to visit but decided to take a vacation:) I took a pregnancy test on my first missed period day because I was so excited. It was negative. At that time I wasn’t sure what was going on because I was never late. Rick gave me some good advice and told me to just relax and wait a week. It will give the pregnancy hormone more time to be more accurate.  Of course, 5 days later and it was positive! We were so excited! I wanted to tell the whole world but I knew that I needed to wait until it was confirmed at a doctors office with an ultrasound. Well, we just had our ultrasound on Wednesday, February 17th 2016 and it showed a 7 week 3 day fetus. With a heart beat of 160 bpm.

Today is 8 weeks pregnant. We decided that around 8 weeks we were going to tell our immediate family members. We decided that a Valentine’s Card would be the perfect way to divulge our secret. I hand made the Valentine cards with my cricut machine. My cricut is a crafters dream machine.

The Valentine read:

Roses are red, Violets are blue

On September 18th, A baby is due!

Rick’s mother cried and my mother cheered! They were both over the moon with our news!

Our official due date is October 2nd 2016.